The acro wing with the unbeatable handling! The story of success on the BLACKOUT is based on balanced canopy-harmony, which offers the perfect mix out of mistake-forgiving dynamic and precise handling. The BLACKOUT PLUS was able to achieve a clear improvement in terms of dynamics as well as the handling, without making the glider more aggressive. Much dynamic with easy handling, that is what makes the BLACKOUT PLUS equally suitable for hobby acro pilots and acro beginners as well as professionals.

The aspirations of the upgrade stood under the premise of simplification. It appeared almost impossible to enhance the outstanding features of the BLACKOUT and keep the sweet-temperedness of the dynamic wing at the same time. We are proud to present this improvement and the most balanced acro wing yet with the BLACKOUT PLUS. The upgrade was developed in close coordination with the Acro Team pilots during the competition season. Countless modifications were inspired and tested by team pilots. Besides the optimized pre-tensioning, there have been works on the brake geometry as well as the trim and on the stabilos.The result is a distinct improvement in all connections, the BLACKOUT PLUS works much better when it comes to the Heli connections. Additionally the BLACKOUT PLUS brings more power to the maneuvers like Sat2Heli, Heli2Sat and prevents flattering stabilos due to the heightened internal pressure, which is especially noticeable in Anti-Rhythmic. Through the modified brake geometry Helico and Twister are also easier to fly.

Much value was also placed upon durability of the BLACKOUT PLUS as well as maintaining the excellent flying features under extreme loads. Therefore the wing is supplied pre-trimmed. The BLACKOUT PLUS also uses the specifically developed PX40 material. The well-established material was first used for the THRILLER and continuously improved upon. An innovative coating provides better long-term results and optimized tear resistance. PX40 is currently the strongest fabric that can be used to build a wing. When it comes to the processing everything is done for durability and form fidelity - that includes multiple reinforced sewings and reinforcements at the line attachment points and V-tapes. Chief designer Ernst Strobl builds the wing on 50 cells and counts on a modified line geometry. Like all acro gliders, the BLACKOUT PLUS is also equipped with the Stabilo Security Function (SSF), to quickly resolve the situation when making a swaying movement.



Even though the BLACKOUT PLUS masters all acro maneuvers without problems, attention was paid to the fact that the glider forgives pilot mistakes. Brake and canopy tension were chosen in a way that especially acro beginners can get fast senses of achievement. The easy handling was particularly in focus when thinking of the basic maneuvers like Rhythmic Sat / Infinity / Heli2Sat / Sat2Heli / Misty / Mctwist / Misty2Heli. The turning in the connections of all negative maneuvers is very homogeneous with the BLACKOUT PLUS which reduces the twist-tendency and offers more safety, especially for acro beginners. An important point during the countless test flights of the glider through U-Turn Acro Team pilots was the optimization of the brake pressure. Maneuvers like Corkscrew or Mctwist can be done without winding that way.


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