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The new innovative U-Turn speed system provides easy boarding, as it adjusts to the flight direction. Standard speed systems are mostly pressed backwards by the air stream, thus direct and uncomplicated boarding become nearly impossible.

The U-Turn speed system provides the ideal solution. The „first gear“ consists of a wire loop which adjusts forward over the leading edge oft he harnesses thanks to its special design.

 The narrow shaping towards the first gear allows direct boarding without shifting aside in the speed system.

Smooth changing to the next gear is made with the other leg. The third gear is widely construed, so that overall power acceleration is comfortably made by means of both legs.

The speed system is made of high quality anodized aluminium stainless steel ropes and can be combined with any harness and paraglid

Élévateurs Trims pour Blacklight

These risers are specially designed for PPG use. Depending on glider model all features on free flying glider are on the engine riser too e.g. split A-risers, B-flight system, B-stall help system.

Furthermore are the PPG risers equiped with trimmers  to compensate the engine torqe and 2 karabiner loops to avoid break line modification due to different hangpoint heights on engine harnesses. With these features you can modify your wing within a second from free flying wing to engine wing. For all U-Turn Paraglider.

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