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With the CUBE U-Turn has developed an innovative cross canopy, its high pendulum-linked stability assures a particularly high safety level. Aside of the elaborate construction the usage of the PARATEX-material – which also is used for the established round canopies – also contributes to sinking without swinging. “Mean- while developed almost a religious war about if cross canopies or round canopies are more suitable for the use as reserve parachute for the pilot of a paraglider” is what U-Turn’s co-founder Thomas Vosseler has noticed. For chief-designer Ernst Strobl both designs have their advantages, “it depends on the pilot and his needs.”

The CUBE in size M comes with a surface of 35 square meters (2,16kg). The rescue canopy is designed on the principle of the cross canopy, so in the rectangular shape. At CUBE Strobl relies on symmetry and chose the square form. In each corner there‘s a small shroud through which the back pressure can exhaust controlled. Though this is by trend increasing the sinking ratio, it is also guaranteeing the high pendulum-linked stability. “This stability is without doubt the biggest advantage of CUBE” says Strobl.

Because of its construction the cross canopy has a slightly higher ground drift speed while sinking compared to the round canopy. The drift speed may cause a problem at certain wind situations or other barricades in flight path. “Experiences from the military area – cross canopies were and are used to airdrop material - show that clearly” claims Strobl. While for these huge military cross canopies, which sometimes carry tons of stuff, is used completely air-impermeable material, Strobl counts on the established PARATEX-fabric, which is slightly permeable. With that the problem can be actively reduced. A cross canopy parachute cannot be steered by pulling middle- or sidelines.

Together with the square basis-surface, which compared with rectangular shapes tends to gain less speed, U-Turn found a very good solution for this problem. The fast opening and the sinking ratio of the CUBE securely fulfilled all the strict requirements of the certification tests. When having 120kg buff load the sinking ratio lies under 6,8 meters/second. U-Turn suggests loads from 80 to 120kg. The tests showed no measurable differences when the rescue opens next to the paraglider or later in the so-called scissors-position.

Strobl: “Every situation is individual, to say that in these questions one concept brings significant advantages in comparison to the other, is from my point of view not possible.” Who attaches great importance on pendulum-linked stability will pick CUBE, the advantages in this area are obvious.

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